Wash & Go + Hydration For Tight Curls (Type 4)

Unlock Perfect Curls with Our Comprehensive Online Course

Embark on a transformative journey to master perfectly defined, long-lasting, and deeply hydrated curls. This meticulously crafted course is ideal for individuals battling dryness and aiming to elevate their curl definition

Course Curriculum Highlights:

- Foundation of Juicy Curls: Start with essential techniques to achieve and maintain well-defined Wash and Gos, overcome common challenges, and reach your curl goals.

- Hydration Deep Dive: Understand the crucial differences between hydration and moisture. Learn why natural hair tends to be dry and explore scientific and practical methods to enhance hydration—key for transforming your hair’s health and appearance.

- Curl Patterns and Texture: Dive into the unique characteristics of your hair. Understand various curl patterns and textures to tailor your care routines for optimal results.

- Products: Gain confidence in navigating hair care products. Learn which ones best suit your hair type and how they impact your Wash and Go results.

- Wash and Go Preparation and Execution: Learn our salon-tested process for flawless Wash and Gos, from preparation to final touches.

- Maintenance Strategies: Discover daily practices to keep your curls fresh and vibrant. Extend the life of your Wash and Go with practical tips.

What’s Included:

- Product and Tool List: Get a comprehensive guide to the essential products and tools needed.

- Sample Regimens: Follow detailed regimens tailored for effective washing and hydration.

Course Features:

- On-Demand Access: Learn at your own pace with unlimited access to course materials. Rewatch lessons as needed to master the techniques.

- Hydration Regimens: Included are easy-to-follow regimens that guide effective product use.

**Important Note:** No refunds are available for this digital course.

This all-encompassing course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to achieve and maintain vibrant, healthy curls. Transform your natural hair care approach and embrace your beauty with confidence!

What People Are Saying:

The mystery of the infamous “Wash & Go” has been solved for me! Thanks to Alexis Gwyn of “The Phairmacy Salon, not only do I understand what products are needed to achieve my wash and go but I understand the science behind my hair and how to maintain it. This Wash & Go training series was worth every penny! You won’t be disappointed!

Johnnique H.

This is perfect. For a person without any knowledge of what to do to prepare their hair for curls, the products that work best and of course the method to create the look, this class should be their go to for education. Everything is explained so clearly and a person should be able to do a wash n go. I loved the demo of actual client doing her hair at home, the real life situations help and you showed that clients way, which worked for her. I appreciated the different levels of hair, everyone didn’t have the same type nor did they have the same health levels in the hair. You explained what to do with hair that’s been stretched or heat damaged. Even down to to the maintenance for the style, demo and explanation- perfect!

Larissa K.

This class is amazing and I wish I had this knowledge when I started wearing my hair short and natural 2 years ago. All the time spent reading and watching Instagram posts/comments and Youtube videos for expert knowledge was a waste. Everything I needed to know is summed up in this short class and it's information is backed by a verified expert! I recommend this class to EVERYONE wearing their hair natural. It will give you the foundation to natural healthy hair.

Kelli H.

Lots of great info. I was looking for some additional tips for my now taper cut to get more volume at the crown so I will try the setting technique on my next wash day. Thanks!!!

Cydney T.

$147.00 USD

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